Piedmont – Day 5

Piedmont Gravel Bike Tour: Day 5

Peyrefique, Tour of the Military Forts

Daily Agenda

A long ride in a wild alpine environment on the old roads of the eighteenth-century defensive end of the border military forts. Within 1850 and 1880 the Colle di Tenda area was affected by an impressive series of fortification works. The forts involved in this route are Forte Alto (close to Colle di Tenda), Forte Pernante, Giura and Margheria (to the west of the hill, towards the Forte dell’Abisso) and the Tuburda forts (to the east). Following the transfer of the French border, the forts are now all in French territory.

Valdieri is the small village where Alessandro opened the Locanda del Falco in the old Savoy carriage depot (@SLOW FOOD and MICHELIN awarded). Great Occitan cuisine, local raw materials, great capacity in the kitchen works, research and maintenance of traditional Occitan dishes.

Signature dishes: Ravioles, occitan potato gnocchi, alpine butter and Plaisentif (violet cheese) – Sambucano lamb, stewed with white beans and bitter wild mountain herbs.

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