Italian Routes

We will take you on our favorite roads, the most surprising and exciting. Your fun will be to pedal as much and as long you’ll enjoy it with all the support you need. We picked for you the most exciting itineraries: the Climbs of the Giro d'Italia in the heart of Dolomites, the Tuscan Hills of Strade Bianche, the unbelievable high altitude Gravels Roads of Piedmont and a long ride to the End of the Lands in Apulia. Italy is a bike-friendly Country where to ride in peace and safety, you will like it!

Your Beloved Bike

What’s the point of a bike holiday if you have to settle on riding any bike? (life’s too short to ride ugly bikes…). That's why we give you these options: Ride your favorite Bike: We will arrange the pick up at your place and you will find it ready to go at the start of the Vacation. Every night we will service it to be ready in the morning ready for another wonderful ride. At the end of the tour we will send it back to your home. Ride your Dream Bike: Pick a bike from our extensive inventory and spec it to fulfill your wildest dreams, we will build it for you and you will find it at the hotel at your arrival.


The magic of Italy is that the best food experiences hidden in the many Regional Cuisines are prepared with amazing raw materials that are cultivated, made and bred by farmers, artisans and small breeders. We will take you to dinner in our favorite Trattorias * to share our passion with you and let you enjoy the work of Chefs and Artisans who constantly work together to elevate the cuisine of their territory. The food is different from village to village, from one Trattoria to another, many flavors, many colors, many preparations, you will be delighted!


Every Region of Italy produces prestigious Wines obtained from local varieties, very typical and closely related to the territory and the regional cuisine. Barolo, Barbera, Barbaresco, Chianti, Brunello, Nobile, Amarone, are names the you probably recognise, we will make you taste the best productions of the best vintages. You will have fun comparing the Wines of different producers and vintages. We Love these Wines, we will work hard to get you hooked to this passion.


Our Holidays are about "Living the Territory”, the culture of the area, the people who live there so you can feel the “warmth" of the experience. "Living memorable experiences” in Cycling, Cooking and Wine means that the vacation is tailored to let you enjoy excellence every day.

HiRides Team
Our Team of amazing Cyclists will share with you all the experiences made over the years to let you live unforgettable adventures.
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