Piedmont – Day 2

Piedmont Gravel Bike Tour: Day 2

Strada Assietta, the ancient Military Roads

Daily Agenda

The holiday begins with the “Strada dell’Assietta”, one of the most famous gravel routes in the Alps. A long alpine itinerary that runs between 6000-7000 feet. The road was built in 1700 by the Dukes of Savoy to protect the border with France so there are many defensive military forts along the route. In 1747 a famous battle between the Savoy and the French took place there. A beautiful, wild route with high-altitude alpine views straddling the two deep valleys.

For dinner “Piola” experience, the Piola is the typical Turin trattoria where the traditions of Piemontese popular cuisine are preserved. We will go to Antiche Sere the best award-winning Piola in Turin (@SLOW FOOD awarded), where we will taste the dishes of memory: Bagna Cauda, Carpione, Pescoi, Bunet, all washed down with Barolo, the king of Italian wines.

Signature dishes: Bagna Cauda, an hot dish made from garlic and anchovies, is served  in a manner similar to fondue, the true Piemontese essence.

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