Piedmont – Day 6

Piedmont Gravel Bike Tour: Day 6

Alta Via Del Sale, the Ways of Smugglers

Daily Agenda

We are moving towards the sea, we get there through the old roads used by merchants and smugglers who used them to sell sea salt to Lombardy or Switzerland.  The Alta Via del Sale is a fascinating former military dirt road that connects the Occitan and French Alps to the Ligurian Sea. Winds between 1800 and 2100 meters above sea level along the main alpine watershed near the Italian-French border, crossing the Alpine passes, hairpin bends and passages along the coast bold.  It’s the Europe’s gravel paradise.

Farewell dinner at the Nazionale Restaurant, where Maurizio, an enfant prodige of “Occitan” cuisine (awarded Michelin star) works. High end mountain cuisine, one of our gastronomic refuges, you will find a very refined cuisine, but with all the flavor of mountain food inside. Finally, a huge cheese trolley, the best quality of Piedmontese cheeses, all accompanied by an incredible wine list for quality and extent.

Signature dishes: Pasta with Pepper and Eel, Fusillo Bossolasco, Carmagnola Pepper with turnip and BBQ Eel  – Piedmontese Ox, cooked at pink point, Tantin of Potatoes with Black Truffle and Marrow Sauce.

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