Tuscany Day 6

Tuscany Bike Tour: Day 6

Waiting for “Eroica”

Daily Agenda

The long-awaited Saturday of the Eroica has finally arrived, we move to Gaiole where the organizational machine is at full speed to welcome fans from all over the world (8,000 people in 2019).

You will have the opportunity to try the precious vintage bicycles that we have prepared for you (built before 1987) with which you will ride the two days of the event. You have the possibility to choose between five routes (46KM, 81KM, 106KM, 135KM, 209KM) and decide which one to do on Saturday (test ride) and which one on Sunday (Eroica Gaiole 2021).

It will be a dip into the heroic era of cycling, all with bicycles and vintage clothing (no carbon, no lycra). It will be fun to explore among the many rare things in the vintage markets of Gaiole. HAPPY SATURDAY AT THE EROICA 2021

At sunset: Osteria le Logge – Siena

After visiting the city of Siena, we have dinner in one city’s most beautiful trattorias, in a stone’s throw from Piazza del Campo.

Let’s start from the end: a must is the visit of the cellar, a few meters from the restaurant: four floors in the basement of the Jewish ghetto in the historic center of the city of Siena. First, however, we enjoy the warm atmosphere and an elegant, territorial cuisine made of high-quality raw materials. Well-stocked cellar (we will show you it) with a tasting of the KING of Tuscan red wines: Chianti “Gallo Nero”.

Signature dishes: Fettuccine with Maremma cow sauce – Cheek braised in Chianti.

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