Puglia Day 6

Road to Matera Gravel Bike Tour: Day 6

Matera, the ”SASSI” town

Daily Agenda

Matera, the City of Sassi, a UNESCO site since 1993, is today’s destination, up and down the karst ravines (deep canyons carved by water) to discover a unique place. As a last ride, the crossing of the Murgia Materana Park following the route of the old Materana railway passing through the villages of Montescaglioso and Ginosa.
Farewell dinner in one of our favorite Apulian trattorias, we are on a farm in the Alta Murgia that does organic farming and brings some of the best possible raw materials to the table. A rural cuisine with very few interventions to ensure intact flavors, accompanied by a selection of natural wines. The best goodbye is possible.
Signature dishes: “Orecchiette” handmade pasta with courgette tops, courgette flowers, Ionian mussels, and «baked» cherry tomatoes – «Pignata» of lamb (or sheep), with potatoes, Murge mushrooms (Cardoncelli) and Lampascioni.

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