Puglia Day 5

Road to Matera Gravel Bike Tour: Day 5

Alta Murgia Hills and Castel del Monte

Daily Agenda

The high Murgia is characterized by a gentle hilly profile that reveals after the first few kilometers the most sought-after destination, Castel del Monte (UNESCO heritage site since 1996). The Esoteric construction built in the 15th century guards the Murge, It stands out on the top of the hill and gets more and more imposing while getting closer.
A long itinerary through the Alta Murgia Park, crosses the karst sinkholes (Puli) and the plateaus cultivated with durum wheat, and then ends with the crossing of a centuries-old forest not yet affected by man.
We are in Altamura, home of excellence in dairy products, cheeses, oil and above all the best bread in Italy. We are in the magical Murgia area where the rural and pastoral tradition is still alive and is realized in intense and flavorful dishes.
After having tasted the very dangerous (addiction warning) “nun’s breasts” we are welcomed for dinner in a newly established restaurant that offers the Murgian tradition in a modern setting, all accompanied by a high end wine choice.
Signature dishes: Spaghettone pasta with hazelnut butter, shrimp, linseed – Ionian fish soup in tomato sauce with ¬ęTubettino” pasta.

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