Piedmont Bike Tour

Piedmont Bike Tour on Via del Sale

Alpine Gravel Roads

Piedmont bike tour is a six days riding the three hundred years old military roads along the border within Italy and France. The crossing of Alpi Occitane is on a wild mountain where the gravel. The crossing of the Occitan Alps, a wild mountain with high altitude gravel trails. A concentrate of emotions, the Colle delle Finestre where Froome won the Giro d’Italia in 2018, the Gardetta with its 40km of plateau over 2300m of altitude, the Vie del Sale that leads from the mountains to the sea on the smugglers’ roads.

Calendar 2022
July  17th– July 23rd
July  24th– July 30th  
Sept. 11th– Sept. 17th
Sept. 18h– Sept. 24th