Tuscany – Wines

Tuscany – Wines

Tuscany is the most famous of the Italian wine regions, thanks also to the romantic charm of its endless hills, the country roads lined with cypresses and perched villages. The reputation of Tuscan wines is founded on iconic wines such as Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino and Nobile di Montepulciano, which make Tuscany one of the most famous wine regions in the World.
Its vineyards produce a range of wines, mainly red, internationally recognized. The climate is a vital factor for the success of this region where there are warm and temperate coastal areas and inland areas with greater variation in daytime temperature which helps to maintain the balance of the grapes in terms of sugars, acidity and aroma. The variety that thrives particularly is Sangiovese.
Since the 80s with the rise of the Super Tuscans from Bolgheri, Cabernet Sauvignon has become a very important variety, despite this the Sangiovese and other indigenous varieties continue to reign supreme, here Tuscany Wines Overview.

The first Chianti wine area was officially delimited by Grand Duke Cosimo Medici III in 1716, and the current Chianti was created by Baron Ricasoli of the Castello di Brolio winery at the end of the 19th century.

There are eight production areas: Chianti Classico (the best), Chianti Ruffina, Chianti Colli Aretini, Chianti Colli Fiorentini, Chianti Colli Senesi, Chianti Colline Pisane, Chianti Montalbano and Chianti Montespertoli.
Since 1996, Chianti wines must contain 70/80% Sangiovese, complement the autochthonous varieties such as Canaiolo and Colorino, international varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah are also allowed.

Castell’in Villa Riserva Chianti Classico DOCG
Robust and important, with a bouquet where features floral notes and nuances of oriental spices, deep and seductive, full of character and persistence, the Chianti Tradition

Color: ruby red, with garnet reflections
Nose: seductive floral notes, with nuances of oriental spices
Taste: deep and seductive, with a thin mineral vein, full of character and persistence

Castello di Ama Vigneto Bellavista, Chianti Classico Gran Selezione DOCG
Old tradition 80% sangiovese, 20% dark malvasia, selected grapes from cru Vigneto Bellavista

Color: intense red.
Nose: Nose of great elegance where the notes of violet and hints of roasting and spices are highlighted beyond the notes of fruit
Taste: In the mouth it is very elegant, fresh and very pleasant. Good tannic structure, rich and harmonious, as well as persistence


Brunello di Montalcino is one of the most famous and prestigious wines in Italy. The wine is garnet in color with aromas of red and black fruit with vanilla and underlying spices with earthy sensations. The wines are full-bodied with alcohol levels around 14-15%, with a good balance given by the good tannic structure and acidity.
It is produced exclusively with Sangiovese Grosso grapes (a type of large berry Sangiovese) grown on the slopes around the village of Montalcino.

The Brunello vineyards must be planted on hills with good sun exposure, at altitudes not higher than 1968 feet.   The climate of Montalcino is one of the warmest and driest in Tuscany, the grapes ripen up to a week before that of the Chianti areas.

Case Basse – Soldera Brunello di Montalcino Riserva DOCG
«The Myth»  Case Basse is the absolute symbol of terroir viticulture in the area of Montalcino, Since the ‘70s. (2006 vintage was awarded by Wine Spectator with 100/100)

Color: ruby red with garnet hues
Nose: intense fruity scents of violets, blackberries and a pleasant hint of tobacco
Taste: intense and full bodied, fresh and cozy, with soft tannins and velvety, with a long finish

Casanova di Neri Cerretalto, Brunello di Montalcino DOCG – “The Outsider”

Color: deep garnet red
Nose: notes of ripe fruit and dried flowers, with a final cigar, noble wood and graphite
Taste: tasty and round, vigorous, robust and important, mineral and with a fine tannin


The Vino Nobile di Montepulciano is one of the classic Italian red wines. It is produced in the vineyards surrounding Montepulciano, a village in the province of Siena.
It is a wine produced already at the time of the Etruscans, the current regulation was defined in 1980 with the DOCG classification.
The DOCG provides for cultivation in the only vineyards on the hills surrounding Montepulciano at an altitude of 820-1968 feet, located between two rivers – the Orcia and Chiana rivers.
The grape variety is Sangiovese, here called Prugnolo Gentile, used for 60-80%, Canaiolo 10-20% and other local varieties.
It is red-brown in color and takes on a subtle brick-orange hue over time. It is characterized by dark and plum-rich cherry aromas, ripe strawberry and cherry fruit aromas and a delicately tannic “tea leaf” finish. It has a medium body with firm tannins and mornid acidity which makes it an aging wine

Poliziano “Asinone”, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG
One of the best expressions of Nobile, to drink very aged

Color: dark ruby
Nose: intense notes of blueberry, currant, cherry, cocoa, vanilla and tobacco
Taste: warm note, with a certain full-bodied balance that is characterised by a silky and refined blend of tannins. Finally, this wine features a persistent finish that closes on a fruity note.


Bolgheri is the young DOCG located in the Maremma, on the Tuscan coast (Livorno) where the Super Tuscans were created in the 80s. They are red wines with intense colors, soft aging, based on the Bordeaux vines (Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot,…).
The fame of these wines began in 1978, in a blind tasting organized by Decanter Magazine, the 1972 vintage of an unknown wine beat Bordeaux wines. The wine was Sassicaia produced at Tenuta San Guido di Bolgheri.
In the 1980s, Lodovico Antinori started planting on his nearby Ornellaia estate. An area of clay inside this estate was planted with Merlot and became the separate property of Masseto. The sunny, dry and breezy climate of Bolgheri and the stony soils with clay spots have attracted further expansion of the vineyard focusing mainly on the red varieties of Bordeaux.

Tenuta San Guido Sassicaia Bolgheri
Important and legendary wine, Mediterranean scrub and a soft and robust character, it embodies the essence of Supertuscan

Color: intense red ruby
Nose: Fruity notes of black cherries, blueberries and black currants combined with aromas of bitter orange, chocolate, graphite and Mediterranean maquis
Taste: Balanced, full and elegant with soft tannins and a long finish

Tenuta Ornellaia Masseto Toscana IGT 
Great and prestigious expression of Super Tuscans, considered by several enthusiasts the best 100% merlot wine

Color: intense red ruby
Nose: intense and very complex with scents of red berries and notes of chocolate, vanilla and tobacco
Taste: Perfectly harmonic, fresh and smooth, structured and very elegant, with adorable tannins