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  • The tour that I have booked is guarantee to run?
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    General Questions


    How do I contact you to ask questions about a trip?

    Please Contact Us, and we will reply to you as soon as possible.


    Where I find the tour calendar?

    We offer "All Inclusive Tours” as scheduled tours that you may find in the calendar at www.hirides.com, we post the tour calendar at least eight months before the tour’s departure, but there are always new proposals, we recommend you subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed.


    How do I book a tour?

    You can book our “All Inclusive Tours” online at www.hirides.com, directly on the tour pages, simply click “Book now.”


    Are non-riding Guests / Partners welcome?

    Absolutely! In the booking process, you may book the holiday for your Partner or other non-riding Guest.
    For a single non-riding Partner, we’ve designed self-guided itineraries to discover the best of the region off the bike: shop, hike, discover local culture, shopping, hotel pools and spas, then re-join the group for cocktails and dinner each evening.
    When in the tour there are four or more non-riding Partners, we create a custom itinerary, including guided sightseeing in the historical towns, cooking classes, hotel pools and spas, food and wine tasting and guided shopping with fashion assistant.
    Please “Contact Us” and we will provide you all information and support in your choices.


    Which tour are right for me?

    In the tour detail pages, you can find the tour rider level in term of preparation and effort needed to daily ride.

    In every tour and every day you have two different itinerary, with a different difficulty, for a wide rider level of preparation.   You have the opportunity to mix the rides day by day to compose your personal bike vacation and also have the choice to ride an e-bike.

    Please “Contact Us”, and we will support you in choosing the best tour for you.


    How many Guests are on a single tour?

    The "All Inclusive Tours” are designed for 12 Guests and a maximum other 12 non-riding Partners to whom with a dedicated tour program.
    If you need accommodate more peoples please “Contact Us” and we will arrange the suitable solution for your needs.


    Where and when will you pick me up when I arrive?

    After the booking we will send you the pick-up and drop-off information together with all the important details that you will need to make your travel arrangements.


    How much should I tip the guides?

    Gratuities for our guides are much appreciated to thank them for service, support, and expertise.  Generally, most of our Guests find that 5-10% of the cost of the trip is an appropriate amount. Unless you want to tip separately, guides and drivers will divide tips among themselves.
    If you have further questions, please “Contact Us”.


    Are there any off-the-bike activities?

    All our trips include some off-the-bike activities, we believe they are a big part of the trip fun, these activities enrich the travel experience and are the only way to get to know and fully appreciate the Italian regions and culture.
    Wine, oil and truffle tastings, cooking classes, tasting of local artisan foods can bring you closer to the local culture and historical experiences, in every tour we want you to make these experiences, we are sure, you will be conquered.
    In all our hotels, you can spend your free time with massages, visits to spas, therapeutic pools and saunas.br> Not to forget the cultural activities (museums, art exhibitions, lyrics operas, musical concerts) that every Italian city offers in the summer….if you still have strength.



    Book Your Tour


    What the tour includes?

    All our "All Inclusive Tours” force you to enjoy your holiday without having to worry about the bicycle, the route, the hotel, everything is organized at the highest level. The only thing you need to focus on is pedaling on the most beautiful roads in Italy. In the tour detail pages, you find all information about what the tours include.


    Could you let me know about booking with deposit, and when is the balance due?

    Book Through Deposit

    • To book the tour the Guest needs must pay 2,000 USD as tour price as deposit, payable online with debit or credit card (Visa or Mastercard) at www.hirides.com.
    • The Guest can also choose to pay whole tour price, so you automatically qualify for a 5% discount on the tour price.
    • If the book a tour is less than 120 days before starting date, we will ask to pay the tour it in full at reservation.
    • For the Bespoke Tours the payment of the tour in full is requested at reservation.
    • All Additional Services like Door-To-Door Bicycle Shipping Services, must be paid in full at the booking and the refund policies are not applicable to these services.

    Confirmation Tour

    • The tour reservation become a confirmed tour once the balance payment is received.
    • The confirmation tour is due within 120 days before the tour starting date.
    • The balance tour is payable online with debit or credit card (Visa or Mastercard) at www.hirides.com.
    • Without confirmation payment and without cancellation, 120 days before the tour starting date, the deposit refund will be not available and the reservation will be cancelled.

    Booking and Confirmation Timeline

    In the Payment Policy Page in “Terms and Conditions”, you find all information about what e when pay your tour.


    What happen when I need cancel my trip / how and when I can cancel my trip?

    When you need to cancel your trip, please “Contact Us” and we will help you as possible to refund you or transfer to another tour where possible.

    You may find the policies in the page “CANCELLATION, REFUND AND CHANGE POLICIES” of “Terms and Conditions”

    Refund Policies

    • Up to 15 days after booking (two weeks), the deposit is completely refundable, less 5% as administrative refund fees.
    • Up to 120 days before the start of the tour the cancellation of the booking, the deposit will be refunded less the administrative costs of 20%.
    • The Guest must confirm the reservation for the tour paying the balance within 120 days before the tour starting date.
    • If the reservation is not canceled and the payment of the balance is not received when it is due within 120 days before the start of the tour, the deposit will be lost and HiRides.com reserves the right to cancel the reservation.
    • Bespoke Tours are not refundable.
    • All Additional Services are not refundable.

    Transfer Policies

    • The reservation tour can be transferred to other Guest or book other tour, in any case in the same year of original tour.
    • Simultaneously to the transfer tour the Guest must confirm the new tour with a balance tour payment.
    • The deposit is fully transferable up to 120 days before the previously booked tour starting date without transfer fee.
    • From 119 to 60 days before the departure of original tour, the Guest must pay 20% of new tour price as transfer fee.
    • Up to 59 days before the departure of original tour, transfer tour is not allowed.


    The tour that I have booked is guarantee to run?

    We have never cancelled a trip, but we are not able to guarantee of this in the future. If a trip is cancelled by us we will issue a full refund, plus 250 USD to help you with changing any flights you may have already booked.
    In the event of trip cancellation by us, you will be entitled to the following choices:

    • book any other available trip
    • receive a full refund of monies paid

    You may find the policies in the page “Cancellation, Refund and Change Policies” of “Terms and Conditions”.

    If you have any questions, comments or concerns about our Booking, Confirmation, Cancellation and Refund, please “Contact Us”



    Kinds Of Tour We Provide


    Scheduled Tour or Custom Tour?

    You have two choices, the scheduled tour (All Included Tours) for single or group of Guest, that you can book at www.hirides.com, and the total custom tour (“Bespoke Tours”) for group of peoples.

    In the Bespoke Tour, together, we will design your wanted tour, these tours are our passion, we can put our knowledge of Italy at your disposal not only of cycling routes but above all of the different Italian regional cuisines.

    Please “Contact Us” and we provide you all information that you need.


    Group booking are allowed?

    Yes, you can book the same tour for a group of cyclists and non-riding Partners, for large groups (10, 12 people or more) we recommend choosing the "Bespoke Tour" solution.
    Please “Contact Us” and we support you and reserve you a welcome discount for large group booking.


    Do I need medical and travel insurance?

    Every tour provides the basic sanitary injuring insurance to access treatment in Italian local hospitals during the tour days.
    This insurance covers the following sanitary support:

    • Access to Italian health facilities.
    • Transport from the place of the injury to the healthcare facility.
    • Until the Guest is released or deemed to be repatriated, for a period not exceeding 30 days the insurance covers the hospital stay, for a maximum daily 300 USD hospitalization cost fee.

    This insurance doesn’t cover any surgery and repatriated services, in any case, we advise our Guests to take out an adequate sanitary insurance that can cover all risks and return home.
    We suggest our Guest to make a Travel Protection Plan to protect your travel investment, your health, your belongings, and your flights.
    Please “Contact Us” and we provide you further information about our sanitary insurance and the Travel Protection Plan.


    Do I need a medical certificate?

    The medical certificate of sport qualification is a requirement of Classical Eroica Event, we will provide you with the appropriate documentation and medical certificate when you book. 
    In any case, for your protection, is important that you check your physical state with a medical check to undertake prior to trip where you will be pushing your physical limits.


    What kind of assistance can I expect on the road?

    The assistance we provide on the road are:

    • Two tour guides, for manage two different level effort itinerary and, constantly working to ensure comfort and safety.
    • Guide-to-guest ratio is 6:1, for make your ride secure and happy.
    • On the road the support van, that providing refreshments, mechanical support, extra clothing and a lift when you need it.

    If you have any questions, comments or concerns about tour detail, please “Contact Us”



    Accomodation, Food and Activities


    What’s the accommodation style that?

    All tours have high level accomodation in a 5* hotels or Historical Houses usually with swimming pool and wellness center with SPA.
    We are very passionate in cycling, but in the same way in the good food and good wine, at dinner we take you to our beloved restaurants where you will taste the best Italian regional cuisine, we absolutely want to impress you and make you remember your vacation for a long time.


    Double occupancy vs single occupancy?

    HiRides.com provides, at the book now phase, four types of travel attendance:

    • Riding Guest in double occupancy, where the room is shared with another traveler of the same gender.
    • Riding Guest in single occupancy, where the traveler has a room to yourself.
    • Non- riding Guest in double occupancy, where the room is shared with your Partner or another traveler.
    • Non-riding Guest in single occupancy, where the traveler has a room to yourself.


    Do you offer add-on packages before or after the trip?

    Yes, we are able to offer you the support for booking in the days preceding / following the tour, we can show you the best destinations, the best restaurants and provide you with a tour guide.

    For more information, please “Contact Us”.


    Can you help with travel arrangements?

    Sure, from flights to accommodation, for pre and post travel, we can help with any aspect of your trip. 
    Please “Contact Us”, we will be happy to handle bookings for you or suggest the best solution in Italy.
    If you have any questions, comments or concerns about accomodation, please “Contact Us”



    Equipments, Bike And Gear


    Can I travel without my bike?

    Sure, to make you travel light without bulky luggage, in the TOUR SURVIVAL KIT, we have reserved for you our Italian high-end bicycles.
    You can choose the best bike in according to the type of tour and your preparation.
    For ride the Tuscany Classic Eroica Event we have prepared an old era bike compliant with Eroica rules.
    If you wants ride your personal bike, as option at checkout, you can buy the door to door bike transport service, based on external provider www.bikeflights.com, we are able to receive your personal bike and bring it to you at the beginning of the tour and send it home at the end of the tour.
    Please read the policy about Bicycle Services in the “Terms and Conditions”.


    Are you sure that your bike fits me correct?

    After the booking become the “GUEST PROFILE QUESTIONNAIRE” phase where you can communicate us the measurements of your personal bike and your preference, with this information, we will set up your bike that you will find at the start of the tour.
    If you prefer let us know your bike fit position measurements, we will set up your bike in according them.
    We set up your bike without pedals and shoes, we recommend you bring your own pedals/shoes, so that the adjustment is consistent with what you use at home.    For best comfort, we suggest you bring your own saddle from home.


    What happen if I change my preferences about the bike set up?

    You may change your bike up to 60 days start tour date without change fee, late bike changes are possible and will be subject to a 350 USD change fee, but less than 30 days to start tour date, we are not sure to meet your requests.


    What happen if I break the bike?

    We require you to test the perfect working condition of the bicycle when it is delivered at the start of the tour.
    In case of problems or things that do not comply with what was agreed in the "GUEST PROFILE QUESTIONNAIRE" phase, please inform the tour manager, the problem will be solved very quickly.
    Every evening your bike will be cleaned and serviced to be ready for the next morning ride.
    In case of damages to the bike the repair costs will be applied and will have to be paid, to the tour leader, before the end of the tour.


    Witch kind of clothing is need for the tour?

    The tours are scheduled from May to October and the routes go from sea level to the high mountain passes, we always recommend carrying something heavy against the cold and something waterproof against the rain.
    In the TOUR SURVIVAL KIT, that we prepare for you, there are two custom summer cycling apparel kits provided by www.biciclista.eu  and personalized for you and one custom apparel bag with laundry sac.
    How many kits you need in seven days ride depend on your habits, every day we provide you a laundry service for your cycling clothing.


    Is there a dressing code for after ride?

    Casual clothing including jeans, khakis, polos, sport blazer and not sport sneakers are appropriate for all restaurants.  Casual shoes, sneakers or trail-shoes for walks in vineyards or around town are recommended.  A sweater or light jacket or in is recommended for evenings. In the mountain and in not full summer period a light down jacker is good.

    If you have any questions, comments or concerns about equipment and bike, please “Contact Us”



    Riding, Training and Preparation


    How should I train for the tour?

    In the tour detail pages, you may find the tour rider level in term of preparation and effort need to daily ride.
    To provide you the exact idea of how much and what kind of riding to expect on tour, we have classified the preparation of the rider in the following levels:

    • Beginner Cyclist
      Active vacationer, adventure rider and enjoys checking out the sights.
      Likes bike path riding and most of riding is done commuting.

      Number of rides do on a weekly: 1

      Average weekly riding: 30/50 miles

      Average climb comfortable riding daily: 2000/3000 feet

      Average distance riding in one day: 30/50 miles

    • Intermediate Cyclist
      Has participated in a Gran Fondo or other bike charity event, adventure rider, active vacationer. Not too interested in racing.

      Number of rides do on a weekly: 2

      Average weekly riding: 60/100 miles

      Average climb comfortable riding daily: 4000/5000 feet

      Average distance riding in one day: 50/60 miles

    • Advanced Cyclist
      Participates in bike races or triathlons from time to time, rides gran fondos, loves adventure riding and big days in the saddle every once in a while.

      Number of rides do on a weekly: 3

      Average weekly riding: 100/150 miles

      Average climb comfortable riding daily: 6000/7000 feet

      Average distance riding in one day: 60/80 miles

      We suggest you to ride as often as possible before the tour, to train and be comfortable in the saddle.


    How do you manage different riding abilities?

    In every tour and every day you have two different itinerary options, with different difficulty, for a wide rider level preparation.   You may mix the itinerary day by day to compose your personal bike vacation.


    How do you accommodate dietary restrictions?

    In the “GUEST PROFILE QUESTIONNAIRE” phase you can communicate us your dietary needs, your restrictions, allergies, and preferences for restaurant meals, cooking classes, and culinary experiences.
    With this information we are able to indicate what to prepare for you in restaurants so that your needs are understood.

    If you have any questions, comments or concerns about preparation tour, please “Contact Us”